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Goals of Newzie

The Need

As time passes, we read more news and subscribe to more feeds to keep ourselves up-to-date. And it is an emerging fact that reading news is not like reading your emails. While you may get 20 emails a day, 400 news posts in one day can be seen as a very reasonable number.

Even though, you might have 20 subscribed feeds today, a week or month later it will most likely be doubled since you explore new feeds and websites on the way.

At that point, news aggregators help you manage that content. They monitor those feeds and retrieve new posts. It is like using an email client to manage multiple email boxes.

A Good News Aggregator

What previous section tells us is that news aggregators help users in two ways. First, they help us subscribe to more feeds, which means that we can monitor more sources at one time. Secondly, we can manage high number of posts published thru those subscribed feeds by automating most of the actions we have to do.

Based on that, a good news aggregator should be able to handle both factors. That is, it should be able to maintain large number of feeds, as well as posts without getting into performance related drawbacks, such as slow access to stored content. It should also provide necessary features to ease that overload.

Other than maintainability, its user interface should also be efficient and effective enough to show or allow user to interact with more feeds and posts at the same time so that user can read more news in a short time.

Of course, apart from these two factors, news aggregator should also possess user friendly look, stability, and robostness in order to enhance the experience.


Future only brings more feeds to subscribe to, hence more news to read. And Newzie will provide more neat and unique features to help you handle that overload. Our goal is to make Newzie handle 1000 feeds as easy as handling 50 feeds.

Note that 1000 feeds may produce as much as 1000 posts a day, which is a very high number considering the average but that is what we plan to increase.

Other than retrieving/aggregating and then reading that content, there is one more step in the conceptual information cycle of the Internet, which is to post/share content.

Future versions of Newzie will complete this conceptual information cycle. With every major release of Newzie, we will provide more interesting and unique features to be used in every stage of this information cycle.

Goals of Newzie
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